Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Slack festival!

Have I been amiss in my postings or what?

Not that there has been all that much to report. I did drive to Science Olympiad on Saturday, and the hardware store monday. (I needed peat moss for the garden and the bundle wouldn't fit in the bike trailer).

I've gotten a couple of nice notes from the folks at edenbee. I guess some other folks would like to try this as well. It seems to be a pretty even divide between:
  1. Folks who want to reduce their fuel use and don't mind saving money
  2. Folks who want to save money and don't mind cutting their footprint.

If ever there was a case of two different purposes blending nicely, this is it. (Or, if you are a writer like me, you see a nearly perfect example of a "religious war" breaking out and demanding to be parodied.)

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