Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Drama Continues...

Still trying to sort out just how long I can make this last. I've been logging my miles driving to get some sort of an estimate. If I really try, I can probably get my mileage down to about 40 per week. That would definitely help, and if I can get the kids all riding, we can probably shave that down even further.

I was talkingabout it with my neighbor the other day, and he was wondering if by doing this, I was hurting the car companies. Now, as I live outside Detroit, this is one of the serious local topics. Well, we did lease a new van last year, but it's not like we are anti-car or anything like that. (Trust me, I'm a car guy, even though I can do little more than rotate tires, change oil and filters and give it a bath from time to time.) But there's not a ton of reason to just go out and spend on something (car, gas or whatever) just becasue you can. I'm trying to be a better long term citizen-saving for kids' college-retirement-a really cool bicycle; I'm sure I'm not going to be getting a visit from the oil companies heavies. (Though Fox News, with having to fill a whole day with drama, may just send a camrea crew, call me a Democrat and then blame me for inspiring terrorists around the world.)

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