Thursday, April 24, 2008

G-Day -53

I had the idea today while driving the kidlets home from the library. Why not see just how much we can do this summer on a single tank of gas. If gas hits $4/gal this summer, simply filling up the tank would eat over 2/3 of my school paycheck. And, no matter what, it seem if you have kids, they need to go places.

So, here's the ground rules:
1. No driving for the heck of it. All driving must have a purpose.
2. As much as possible, all other means of travel should be used as much as possible.
3. No sponging off her wifeness. Even if she's working from home, the rules don't change.
4. If someone offers to drive somewhere, it can be refused, save for massive loss of face.
5. Family trips for camping or whatnot have to be part of the experiment. Also, if I travel to races, there's no cheating.
6. Daily drive mileage needs to be added.
7. Any events that did NOT add mileage should at least be noted on the blog. Particularly if bikes were used.
8. If someone shows up and does something unusual, like the Top Gear guys showing up with a Smart Car or Aston Martin, well, if its mileage, at least it's not on my van!

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